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Health 320x200Woden is well known as the home of Canberra’s main public hospital – Canberra Hospital an impressive operation with over 670 beds and catering to a population of around 550,000. It is a major teaching hospital and supports research through the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the ANU. Co-located with Canberra Hospital is the National Capital Private hospital and close by are specialist centres including the Woden Specialist Medical Centre which brings together a range of complimentary services including Orthopaedics, Medical Imaging and Physiotherapy.

The health hubs being created by specialist medical providers are helping to establish strong, multi-skilled collaborations to help improve the health of our community. Scattered throughout Woden’s suburbs are also a diverse range of health providers delivering leading-edge services in traditional and allied health care; in fact, well over 200 healthcare providers are listed in the Woden Valley area.

There are several Wellness Centres that also use the hub model to deliver a holistic approach to fitness, physical and mental wellbeing including Woden Wellness Centre and Stellar Canberra. The Healthy Eating Hub is Canberra’s largest collective of University qualified nutritionists and dietitians that focus on improved health through a better understanding of good nutrition. And they run workshops to show you how to prepare those healthy meals.

People and families affected by cancer have access to a world-class health care facility bringing together oncology, immunology, psychosocial and education services into a single building in the Canberra Region Cancer Centre.

Neurospace provides rehabilitation services, but to those with damage to the neurological systems. The team use tailored equipment and techniques to increase the patient’s ability to participate in everyday activities.

Mental health is also an area of focus with some specialised residential health programs for both adults and youth through the Step up Step down Programs. There are also programs like Restorative Yoga delivered by the YMCA to help those living with chronic illness to help the body and mind relax and energise the body. Pain Support provides help and information to those living with persistent or chronic pain and helps the patient self-manage their wellbeing. The group has a number of coffee meetings and expert speakers open to the public. Hearing Australia has been delivering world-leading research and hearing services for children, adults, pensioners and veterans for over 70 years.

There are also a number of fun individual and group-based activities in Woden that can help you maintain your fitness and wellbeing. Woden Seniors Inc. has been providing services to the over-50s for more than 40 years, including carpet bowls, folk dancing, exercise classes and Tai Chi. It’s a great way for older Woden dwellers to keep fit and active and be more connected to the community. The Heart and Soul Singers are aged over 50 and promote the health benefits and connectedness that can be gained through singing. They also give back to the community by performing around Canberra. And for the young and young at heart, you could always try Woden Valley Gymnastics Club which aims to develop self-confidence and fitness through a range of activities, programs and events suitable for all ages and abilities – it’s about staying fit and having some fun.