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WodenThe Coronavirus pandemic has briefly pushed pause on our busy cities. Will things go back to the way they were before COVID-19? Not necessarily and maybe they shouldn’t.

WodenThe Coronavirus pandemic has briefly pushed pause on our busy cities. Will things go back to the way they were before COVID-19? Not necessarily and maybe they shouldn’t.

CarWhat makes someone aiming for a career as a clinical psychologist start a ridesharing business? Emma Hamilton of YouGoCo said it was because she was aware of the impact unemployment has on people and if you have been out of the workforce for a long time getting back into employment can be really hard.

Hairpins You have probably heard of the lipstick effect which is the theory that when facing an economic crisis people will treat themselves with less costly luxury goods, such as expensive lipstick. During times of war and during the Global Financial Crisis, sales of lipstick were said to increase. So are we seeing similar consumer behaviours during the current pandemic and associated economic stress?

RestaurantThe coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to temporarily close their bricks and mortar stores or implement strict social distancing, resulting in a dramatic decline in sales. The immediate need for survival and continuity has forced many of these businesses to innovate as they try to figure out new ways to get their products and services into the hands of customers who are largely confined to home.


Toast always falls jam-side down; it will rain just after you wash the car, and babies will outgrow their onesies before they’ve worn them out.

Piccolo MondoJanette Spaven had always dreamed of opening her own small Italian-style hole-in-the-wall café. After 20-years working in the catering industry, an opportunity came up and Janette decided to take the plunge, selling her investment property and opening Piccolo Mondo near the Woden Bus Interchange.

Rosemark Water TanksHow does a Civil Engineer get involved in designing water tanks shaped like a day bed? Mark Gaykema saw a problem that needed solving.

DaanaDescribed as a ‘little piece of South India, tucked conveniently into South Canberra”, Danna has specialised in selling the taste of great Indian food since 2015.

Alien ApparrelAlien Apparrel started in 2016 and while its roots are based in the skating subculture, it is fast become known for designs that also draw their influence from music, poetry, travel, fashion and art.

Emilio ParkEmilio Park is a graphic designer by trade and entrepreneur by aptitude. They say entrepreneurship is a combination of passion, smarts, luck and persistence and Emilio’s route to becoming the owner of Kwik Kopy in Phillip is testimony to that.

Canberra Southern Cross Club WodenLocated in the heart of Woden at the Southern Cross Club, Woden Central provides a wide range of contemporary dining options for all ages. With distinct dining areas catering to a range of needs, Woden Central is an exceptional dining destination.

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Whether you are determined to get a special gift for a loved one, have a niche hobby, or like op-shopping for retro fashions; the Woden area has your retail needs covered.

getting done300x200Woden is a hub if you need to get something done. Everything from legal advice, unique battery solutions, dog grooming and florists - the Woden area has it all!

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indulge 300x200For many adults creativity is something that isn’t always prioritised even though there are multiple benefits to expressing and exploring your creative side, not least being stress relief and self-expression. The good news is being creative doesn’t always have to mean a major project, there are plenty of things you can do even in a few minutes a day. The Woden area has plenty of services, stores and expertise that can help you indulge a range of creative pursuits no matter what your interest. Below is a small taster of what you can find in the Woden Valley that can help you unleash your inner creative.

waking 300x200With hashtags like #foodspotting #foodie and #foodstagram - cafes, restaurants and bars are more popular than ever! The Woden area has some amazing foodie locations whether for a special occasion, coffee or a quick bite. Below is a quick taste of some of the diverse cafes, restaurants and bars that the Woden area has to offer!

Asian ProvisionsSometimes, what an established business really needs is a fresh look, preferably from someone with little knowledge about how the industry works to ask ‘why is it done that way’? If the answer comes back – ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it’, you know you’re in trouble.

Battery WorldDid you know hearing aid batteries are activated by air; or that marine batteries differ in design to car batteries? When we think about technology innovations that impact us on a day-to-day basis we often think of smartphones, wearables, laptops and tablets.